Hand of the Wind Taijiquan

A Brief History of Hand of the Wind.

At Hand of the Wind we train in the traditional Chinese Internal Arts of Li Family style Taijiquan, as brought to the UK in the first half of the Twentieth Century by Professor Chan Kam Li and then passed on to Professor Chee Soo.  Little is documented about the history of the style before Professor Li passed it on to Chee Soo, however it is important to remember that this is not unusual for a family style within China.  What is without doubt, is that the Li Family system is one of the most complete and comprehensive styles taught today.

The Li Family Arts are a truly holistic system and comprise of both healing and martial arts.  For those students who are interested in the health and relaxation benefits of T'ai Chi and Qigong, the Li Style T'ai Chi and the three types of health Qigong taught within the style provide a wealth of training opportunities.  Li Style also caters for the student who is interested in studying a dynamic, effective martial art.  Students who wish to experience the true depth of the Arts are strongly recommended to study both the healing and martial aspects of the style.

Hand of the Wind classes are taught by Conrad Robinson who has over 25 years of experience training in the Li Family Arts.  Tuition is always tailored to the individual student to enable them to gain the most from the Arts, whether their focus is on health, martial skill or both.  Conrad is a qualified primary school teacher alongside his experience of teaching Li Style.  He holds black sash grades in both Li Style T'ai Chi and Feng Shou Kung Fu and is recognised as an Advanced Instructor with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain; Conrad is fully insured and holds an enhanced DBS check and First Aid certificates.

The following reviews of Conrad's teaching were written by long term students:

Conrad is an exceptional tutor and has an adaptive, kind, easy going nature. He approaches tuition from multiple angles allowing students to find the best course for them. His knowledge is backed by life experience and a passion for guiding and getting the best out of people. Conrad's focused approach to teaching means that students feel supported and set up to achieve their goals. I have seen Conrad teach in multiple environments with large numbers and one to one and can state without question he is one of the best tutors and motivators I have ever worked with and learned from.

I can recommend Conrad as totally trustworthy. He has been my Tai Chi teacher for over twenty years. He has a deep understanding of all aspects of the art of Tai Chi. He is particularly aware of the health benefits and can adapt his teaching to suit individual needs. He has helped me both before and after two replacement hip operations.  He is also an extremely able and knowledgeable Kung Fu instructor.