Hand of the Wind are proud to announce the launch of our unique Combat T'ai Chi training curriculum.
Students learn the full martial arts applications of our T'ai Chi system through a structured programme designed to develop martial prowess without sacrificing the internal aspects of Li Style Tai Chi Chuan.

During the Twentieth Century, Professor Chee Soo developed the Feng Shou Kung Fu syllabus as part of the Li Family Internal Arts - this was primarily a marketing decision as it drew students into the system on the back of the popularity of Kung Fu at the time.  However, this created a situation where some students studied Feng Shou Kung Fu without sufficient Tai Chi training to fully understand the principles of the system.

At Hand of the Wind, we have adapted Chee Soo's Feng Shou training syllabus in order to focus the training back onto the principles of Tai Chi.  Our unique syllabus therefore provides a dynamic, effective martial arts training regime without losing the essence of the Tai Chi system.

Within Hand of the Wind Tai Chi Combat Tai Chi classes you will learn traditional Forms, evasion, striking and kicking techniques, defensive blocking/parrying techniques, joint locking, take-downs and throws. Throughout the training the emphasis is on using the principles of Tai Chi to develop martial skill without sacrificing the importance of softness and relaxation.

The classes also contain a focus on the Tai Chi Forms and their applications along with Pushing Hands training and dedicated martial training exercises designed to develop specific skill sets.

Hand of the Wind offers a structured grading syllabus for those students who wish to gain grades and progress on to Instructor status.
Hand of the Wind Combat T'ai Chi classes are planned to start in the Autumn Term of 2020 - so watch this space (and the Facebook page!) for further announcements.  If you are interested in studying this unique system of martial arts please contact Conrad at info@handofthewind.co.uk