Introducing our new online learning system for Tai Chi and Qigong.
With a growing body of evidence for its many benefits to health, Tai Chi is arguably the ideal exercise for people in the current 'lock-down'.

Tai Chi and Qigong require little space, no specialist equipment and are very safe for people of all ages and fitness levels.
So... take advantage of this enforced time at home and learn a skill which will give you great physical and mental benefits.
Our unique and innovative online learning system is now live and already helping people stay healthy during this difficult time.
(Scroll to the bottom of this page for some testimonials from students!)
Our online learning system is designed to replicate being at an actual class as closely as possible but also puts you in complete control of your learning.

For a cost of just around £12 per month (US$12+VAT) you will be able to access a library of video clips that will teach you the Tai Chi Form and the Qigong exercises and guide you through your practice.

How it works:
The content is hosted through the Vimeo OTT platform where you will subscribe to our Tai Chi and Qigong page.
You can then access the videos through the Vimeo portal or directly at 
Once you are logged in you can tailor your own virtual 'class' to suit your own learning needs.

Our recommendation is to follow this pattern:
1)     Use the Warm Up video and then the 4 Directional Breathing exercise video to guide you through the same warm up that we use in our classes.
2)   Use the appropriate Practice video to practice the Tai Chi Form up to the move you already know.
3)     Use the Learn video to learn the next movement of the Tai Chi Form and then practice using the next Practice video.
4)     Use the Theory videos to deepen your understanding.
5)   Use the Breathing Exercise videos to learn and practice the Taoyin Qigong breathing exercises.  

You can download a pdf of the full instructions using the links below.

Use the button below to take you to the sign up page:
This is what some of the students have been saying about the online learning system:

I am enjoying everything, have gone back over early moves too. An excellent aid to practice, especially at this time… 
The videos are excellent and I do really like the extended explanation type bits - really useful. 
I did a full session today. Warm up, breathing, Form practice to my current level, I looked at the next moves and could understand what I would be trying to do (waay better than the Youtube one), I did the closing breathing exercise. All in all I felt I had done a proper session for the first time in weeks and I really enjoyed it.