Hand of the Wind Tai Chi

Tai Chi originally developed in China as a form of self-defence training, however it is the proven health and relaxation benefits of Tai Chi that have made it popular throughout the World.

Hand of the Wind Tai Chi classes focus primarily on the health aspects of Tai Chi training, although reference is made to the martial applications when it is helpful to enable students to more easily remember and refine movements.  Within our Tai Chi classes you will learn the Tai Chi Form along with Qigong exercises and partner exercises to add depth and quality to your training.  If you are more interested in the self-defence aspects, our Tai Chi Kung Fu classes may be for you.   

There is a growing body of evidence to support the health benefits of Tai Chi training, including a recent feature on the BBC programme, 'Trust me, I'm a doctor', which showed that although Tai Chi is performed slowly it does provide significant cardiovascular benefits.  Students have found Tai Chi to be benificial in providing pain relief, improving lung function in Asthma, aiding in balance and fall prevention and for easing many other ailments.

Tai Chi is the heart of the Li Family Internal Arts system and provides a vast amount of content to keep students engaged in their training for many years if they so choose.

For those who wish to progress on to become Tai Chi Instructors, Hand of the Wind offers a structured grading programme leading to recognised Instructor status with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.